[Scottish] A chance to evangelise?

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Sun Jul 29 01:44:56 BST 2007

J.R. Seago wrote:
> last week I got this:
> On 20/07/07, Mister Antony <mister.antony4 at ntlworld.com> wrote:
>> Dear Mr Seago,
>> Please accept our apologies for not responding to your enquiry sooner.  Our
>> IT system crashed  just over a week ago & we have just re-established our
>> outstanding messages.
>> So that we can send you the necessary product information could you please
>> let us know whether it is a raincape or wool Inverness Cape which most
>> interest you .
>> With best regards
>> Antony M Mistofsky
>> MISTER ANTONY ( Inverness Capes )
>> Glasgow G77 5AT, Scotland, UK
>> Tel/fax +441416397309
>> mister.antony4 at ntlworld.com
>> www.misterantony.com
>> www.invernesscapes.com
> To which I replied:
> Thank you for your efforts, and may I recommend that you contact an IT
> consultant and investigate the possibility of a system based on either
> GNU/Linux or BSD. Ask here for advice on free software systems.
> http://www.scottish.lug.org.uk/wiki/Welcome

That actually comes off to me as rather snooty.  How do you know they
don't run Linux already?  Why didn't you explain quickly what free
software is and why it could be useful to them?  Measure twice, cut once.

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