[Scottish] Netgear VPN Issues

Tim Brocklehurst t.brocklehurst at henryabram.co.uk
Wed Sep 26 09:29:40 BST 2007

I wonder if someone could help...

I'm setting up a VPN connection for our company, I have a router-router
setup between the two offices (Glasgow and Aberdeen) which works

However, I'm trying to setup a router-client connection from our Glasgow
office. The client can connect, and various services work ok (ping, ssh,
scp, remote desktop), but smb doesn't, even to the Linux box which has
directories that are genuinely public.

Background details are Netgear DGFV338 Router. Netgear Prosafe VPN

Has anyone encountered this problem before?


Tim B.

Software/Design Engineer

Malin Marine Consultants
17 Sandyford Place
G3 7NB

Tel : 0141 243 2242

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