[Scottish] Re: Scottish Digest, Vol 185, Issue 1

Roland Ward roland.ward at penguinfactory.co.uk
Wed Sep 26 13:51:30 BST 2007

How are you trying to connect to the server? Have you tried typing in 
\\<IP ADDRESS> from the run prompt on a windows box that you have 
previously pinged from successfully? Are you getting an error after 
seeing the shares or before even seeing the server? Samba can be told to 
allow hosts from a certain IP address range - check your smb.conf for 
network restrictions.

> However, I'm trying to setup a router-client connection from our Glasgow
> office. The client can connect, and various services work ok (ping, ssh,
> scp, remote desktop), but smb doesn't, even to the Linux box which has
> directories that are genuinely public.
> Background details are Netgear DGFV338 Router. Netgear Prosafe VPN
> Client.
> Has anyone encountered this problem before?
> Cheers,
> Tim B.

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