[Scottish] Re: News Letter April 08

Willie Fleming willie at glasgownet.com
Sat Apr 12 17:24:42 BST 2008

On Saturday 12 April 2008 17:05:36 Arron M Finnon wrote:
> It seems some where a long the line i lost to whole concept of what's
> going on in this thread.  I'm not sure if I've offended, pissed off, or
> replied to people to their satisfaction.
YOu haven't offended me, nor I suspect 99% of the membership. We are amzed and 
certainly in my case, somewhat envious of what you are doing in Dundee.

> Over the past two months i must admit i'm starting to feel that whatever
> i say, i'm going to get someone give me some form of telling off.
Welcome to the wonderful world of mailing lists......

> All i'm trying to do is keep people informed of a vibrant Linux
> community trying it's very hardest to include and inform people from all
> over scotland about the events and activities that everyone here has
> always been made to feel welcome to.  If you don't make it to a meeting
> then fine, but one day you may known someone who is, and maybe they'll
> benefit from all the hard effort people are making
We'd still like to get up to  a meeting sometime, but real life and money (or 
the lack of it) are getting in the way....
> I don't get paid, i do this like most people because i enjoy giving back
> to the community.  I'm a full time student and a single parent i don't
> get a lot of time, but what time i do get a try to use to promote not
> just Linux in Dundee and Scotland, but a great sense of interplay
> between our LUG's.  So far i've been made to feel like a naughty school
> boy or something.  I know that this sounds a little harsh as a few have
> tried to make me feel welcome, but some have made me feel the complete
> opposite.
Ignore the naysayers or respond in kind.
I _love_ a good flame-war - especially when I'm spectating.
> I'm sure to some this will offend, but try to understand that this is
> not my intention, it's just very disheartening to have posts turned into
> arguments.
disheartening ?!?!!??   Be extremely chuffed that you have breathed some kind 
of life into this list.

More power to your elbow and  _please_  keep on giving us your updates. Ignore 
those who moan, they have sod all but their pedants medals to polish.

All the very best


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