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John - 

The Non-wireless router all you Linux folk pointed me to a couple of years ago is the Safecom ADSL modem Router - it has one ethernet and one other type of connection (It doesn't look like a USB port ) - 

It was the ONE thing whatever version of Linux I tried recognised and as it's not wireless it isn't sharing all your info with the world at large - or so I'm led to believe...

It wasn't expensive and works fine so far - I've had it almost two year - and I don't THINK it requires a CD to configure your computer (though it might if you have two machines plumbed into it - I've only ever had one, via an ethernet cable...

Hope this is of some help...

- Paul B. 

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My Daughter has moved into a cottage of her own, tomorrow the phone will be <br>connected, and as last Thursday was her birthday I have offered to buy her <br>a laptop and router, (this latter dependent on broadband being available <br>in her village outside Inverness.<br><br>The minimum specs need to be minimum 14" screen, DVD drive, mains electric <br>input via whatever thingy that needs, and a socket she can plug a mouse <br>into as she doesn't like touchpads. I need to be able to get Linux to run <br>on it, preferably Slackware 12.1, if the hard drive's big enough I'd like <br>to get it to dual boot, (which seems from what I've heard to preclude <br>Vista), although I may need help with that as I ditched Microsoft <br>completely and have used Slackware exclusively since version 7. Hence the <br>reason for it being capable of running some form of Linux as I can <br>probably fix minor glitches by with Microsoft, I be as t eh mercy of <br>some 'tech help' somewhere.  I'll 
also need a non-wireless router, (which <br>seem to be a dying breed), and I'd really like the lot to come to about <br>£500·00, but we can go higher for better quality, all suggestions welcome.<br>-- <br>John Seago<br>GNU/Linux Registered User No. #219566 http://counter.li.org/<br>() ascii ribbon campaign - against html mail - against microsoft <br>attachments<br>/\<br><br>_______________________________________________<br>Scottish mailing list<br>Scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk<br>https://mailman.lug.org.uk/mailman/listinfo/scottish<br>

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