[Scottish] Linux Laptop

Colin Fraser colin.fraser at riverfern.co.uk
Sun Jun 15 20:02:24 BST 2008

john seago wrote:
> This afternoon we went into Inverness to have a look at what was
> available and all I could see in the big chains were wireless routers.
> However on asking in Maplins, (where I've one gets better answers than
> in PC World, they did have a Netgear non-wirless router, I've used a
> Netgear router for several years now without it being any trouble so
> that may be what we get.
> --
On the other hand, if you get a wireless/wired router you can always 
fully secure the wireless bit and just not use it. My ISP (Force9) 
recently donated me a BT '2wire' modem/router (after some peculiar 
problems with my line) and it works a treat.

I've found that all these routers work seamlessly, regardless of the 
operating system(s) on the PCs. After all they're just talking across an 
ethernet i/f. If you're getting in a new line anyway, why not see what 
free router your new ISP offers (most seem to be offering free wireless 
routers like the BT one I've got) and if it'll work for you? Could save 
some money that way.


Colin Fraser

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