[Scottish] Two talks with demonstrations, EdLUG 5th June

Kyle Gordon kyle at lodge.glasgownet.com
Sun May 11 04:15:24 BST 2008

Dan Shearer wrote:
> Alastair Bennett: Open Source Hardware
> --------------------------------------
> Over the last decade the Open Source concept has been paralleled in
> hardware.  Not as much and not as fast, but with visible success.
> Skipping the boring definitions, I will briefly run through three
> projects that to illustrate what is available today:
>     * RepRap 3D printer
>     * OpenMoko mobile phones
>     * Ardunio microcontroller board 
> For a grand finale I will do a demo of an Ardunio board doing something,
> at the very least being waved around by me.
Out of curiosity, will there be demo hardware of the above?



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