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Sat Aug 14 17:41:01 UTC 2004

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> True!  I can remember when programmers were able to name whatever salary
> they chose and move every year for more.  Those were the days ...
> I suppose employers figured out that some people actually ENJOY
> programming, we should have kept this quiet.

I have a more cynical view. There was a time when people ONLY went into
programming because they enjoyed it (it's why I started, and I qualify as
"old man" in SLUG terms - even though I've gone more pointy-haired since,
there's still code I wrote in use :-) )

Alas, at some, IT because associated with making money.

In some senses this was good :-)

In others it was bad - there are an awful lot of people out there applying
for IT jobs, because some career adviser / mate / bloke down pub / newspaper
advert told them it was a good way to MAKE $$$$, rather than because they
have any aptitude for it.

Turning matters back to the penguin, when I was recruiting IT people for
Windows jobs, I regarded linux experience very favourably, for two reasons:

1: It gave them an alternative metaphor for visualising IT problems, and a
certain mental flexibility.

2: It showed they were actually interested in IT, rather than just MAKING

It's worth noting that, for Unix jobs, I also looked for people with
experience of another system, be it VMS, or Windows, since the same comments
about "learn a few different models, gain flexibility" applies equally well
that way round.

Mark, the pointy-haired one, Harrison

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