[Wiltshire] Mythtv and DVB-C with NTL / Virgin / UK Cable

Andrew Meredith andrew at anvil.org
Fri Feb 22 18:11:05 GMT 2008

Robert Longbottom wrote:
> Ok, following on from the brilliant success of my previous question, here
> is another!

Getting the channels on cable is part one of the problem, part two is 
getting a feed of program data. You can use the mythfilldatabase tool 
with the usual add-ons, but there might be a better way.

Can you get Freeview? This has a built in EPG stream, includes a 
shedload more than the usual terrestrial channels and is of superb 
quality .. where available. If nothing else you can miss out the 
Freeview channels from the cable channels, or Sky or whatever other grey 
channels you might be pulling in. You get one of those at a time, 
whereas you can do 2 or more Freeview ones for no additional license fees.

A card to do this, some with 2 channels, can be bought for around the 
same price as the cable card. It's dead easy to set up and from my 
experience (*) freeview is very stable reliable and clean.

If you want a hand setting this up, I can help.

Andy M

(*) 3 years, 6 channels, two servers & 4 frontends, one @HDMI 1080i

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