[Wiltshire] Mythtv and DVB-C with NTL / Virgin / UK Cable

Andrew Meredith andrew at anvil.org
Fri Feb 22 19:06:05 GMT 2008

Robert wrote:
> Andrew Meredith wrote:
>> Getting the channels on cable is part one of the problem, part two is 
>> getting a feed of program data. You can use the mythfilldatabase tool 
>> with the usual add-ons, but there might be a better way.
> Getting listing data isn't really a problem.  Xmltv gets it quite nicely 
> from the RT website.

Sure .. I use this for my Sky channel .. it's just a fag and a point of 
failure. It is also far more often inaccurate and out of date than 
Freeview EPG in my experience.

> Sadly where I live I can't get freeview - hence all the messing about 
> with satellite dishes and maybe cable.  I would much rather have a dual 
> DVB-T card, but it's just not an option :-(  Freeview isn't coming to 
> Swindon for a few years yet.

You can't get Freeview in Swindon ??!!??!! You're kidding !!!

Have you actually tried ? Do you want to ?

Andy M


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