[Wiltshire] Mythtv and DVB-C with NTL / Virgin / UK Cable

Robert RobertCL at iname.com
Fri Feb 22 19:25:48 GMT 2008

Andrew Meredith wrote:
> Robert wrote:
>> Andrew Meredith wrote:
>>> Getting the channels on cable is part one of the problem, part two is 
>>> getting a feed of program data. You can use the mythfilldatabase tool 
>>> with the usual add-ons, but there might be a better way.
>> Getting listing data isn't really a problem.  Xmltv gets it quite 
>> nicely from the RT website.
> Sure .. I use this for my Sky channel .. it's just a fag and a point of 
> failure. It is also far more often inaccurate and out of date than 
> Freeview EPG in my experience.

It has it's problems certainly!

>> Sadly where I live I can't get freeview - hence all the messing about 
>> with satellite dishes and maybe cable.  I would much rather have a 
>> dual DVB-T card, but it's just not an option :-(  Freeview isn't 
>> coming to Swindon for a few years yet.
> You can't get Freeview in Swindon ??!!??!! You're kidding !!!
> Have you actually tried ? Do you want to ?

No.  And yes I've tried.  Although it was a while ago.  I should 
probably try again.  Part of the problem maybe that I have a crummy old 
ariel on the roof.  Although my loft ariel is fairly modern so I'd have 
thought that should be ok.  I've noticed a few GIANT ariels on some 
houses which makes me think a new mega ariel might work.

I can't even get Channel 5 on analog where I live!  5 minutes away 
(where I lived before) I at least got that.

According to freeview.co.uk, some channels are available, but not C4 or 
Five or the ITV channels.  At least not until switchover in 2010.

You sound like you may be in Swindon getting freeview?


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