[Wiltshire] Wiltshire Digest, Vol 97, Issue 4 (swindon meetings).

Robert Bronsdon reashlin at gmail.com
Tue Jan 11 22:47:16 UTC 2011

On Tue, 11 Jan 2011 22:27:28 -0000, David Fletcher <dave at thefletchers.net>  

> I favour the concept of the naked PC, supplied with no operating system  
> at
> all with a choice at the checkout of, MS at, what, £100 or more? or
> Linux for maybe a £3 CD duplication charge.

To start I am a fully signed up and printed "no Microsoft" user. I don't  
have a Windows install.

However, to play devils advocate. While Dell were selling Ubuntu PCs,  
their claim was the support costs (to Dell) soared because people did not  
understand they were buying something "not windows". Reports "on the  
internet" from Asus with the EEE were the same.

I'll place money on "most" dell customers wouldn't know what they were  
buying if you gave them the option of "non-windows". They'd still complain  
their computers didn't work. They'll complain Linux doesn't work (because  
they wont adapt the habits from what they're used too with Windows) unless  
they actively know its Linux and they are doing something different. Then  
most people will offset the £50 against learning something new. They'll  
just pay for what they have and get on with it.

P.S. The "£100 or more" is actually ~£50 to an OEM such as Dell. This is  
the money that was returned for "unopened" windows installs. Also what you  
saved on an Asus EEE or similar netbook.

Robert Bronsdon

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