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Jono Bacon wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Mon Aug 11 09:47:01 2003


> So what about when CCC gave out information on the
> safety at Chenobyl, what about when hackers found
> that
> credit card companies were keeping secret and
> illegal
> documentation on race of applicants? On one hand you
> say that corporations are not good upstanding
> citizens
> of the world, on the other hand you say that anyone
> found attacking those systems for any reason is
> wrong.

*Any* kind of hacking attack is wrong. It doesnt
matter if the target is breaking the law. The way I
see it is that hacking is an illigal act of breaching
security - breaking privicy in it's basic form.
Whether the target is a good upstanding citizen or a
badone is not the point. I do not believe that
committing a crime is justifyable if someone else has
commited a crime in any situation other than personal
defence. If someone came at me with a weapon (I would
use every form of defence I could). Computer security
though? No, no excuse.

I know that companies and bent, I know that
governments are bent, but their are better ways than
simply hacking them. I have not yet been presented
with any justification for hacking.


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