[Wolves] MacOSX....*droool*

Jono Bacon wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Aug 13 17:23:01 2003

Hi Chris,

> Surely there is only one IDE and luckily it comes
> preinstalled, just start a
> terminal window and type "emacs" :-)

Eight meg and constantly swapping... :)

> Oh ok, you can get vim as well (although why you'd
> want to...)

Emaccs vs vi? Neither for me.

> I always use the IDE that comes with the development
> tools (Project
> Builder), I'm sure there are better ones but that
> was convenient (you should
> have the developers tools cd). It does Obj-C, C,C++,
> java, and Applescript
> highlighting (and probably others, they are the
> official development
> languages of OSX), it intergrates with CVS (I
> struggled to get this to work,
> but then I've never used CVS before), integrates
> with gdb and is generally
> pretty froody

Hmmm, I checked my discs and did not get a Developer
CD. this is an older version MacOSX I think 10.2 or
something. I have got the following CDs:

  MacOSX Install
  MacOS 9 Install
  Software Restore Disc 1
  Software Restore Disc 2
  Software Restore Disc 3
  Applications CD
  Hardware troubleshooting CD

I checked the Apps CD and it doesnt seem to be on
there. Can I download this or do I need to plump for a
new version of MacOSX?


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