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Jono Bacon wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Aug 15 14:44:00 2003


> Yes. There is software to allow you to run Windows
> from within in Linux but it is usually quite pricey
> and requires some knowledge to fiddle with to get it
> running properly. VM Ware is one, I think Jono uses
> it
> so he can test his web development in Internet
> Explorer.

I used to use VMWare quite a lot, but now I use VNC.
this is good if you have another machine running
windows on it - just install the VNC server and you
can access it across the network. :)

> Yes :) It comes with the usual suspects like Open
> Office, Mozilla, KDE 3 etc and loads of other stuff.
> It is very good.

Knoppix is excellent. Highly recommended. It is great
for just getting Linux working on a machine. The
hardware detection is incredible. :)

> W H Smith usually stock Linux Format, Linux User is
> ok
> but a bit techy for beginners, stuff like streaming
> audio over IPv6...

Being completely objective (!!), I would suggest Linux
Format - there is always something interesting and
usefull to read in there. Linux Magazine is good but
more technical and Linux User is more enterprise
based. It is indeed a fiver to grab one of these, but
I think with Linux Format you pretty much get your
moneys worth. :)

> This is because stuff either works or just doesn't
> work. Unlike Windows where you often get stuff that
> just works some of the time.

Spot on.


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