[Wolves] Need some help!

Adam Sweet wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Aug 15 16:48:00 2003

> > Yes :) It comes with the usual suspects like Open
> > Office, Mozilla, KDE 3 etc and loads of other
> stuff.
> > It is very good.
> Knoppix is excellent. Highly recommended. It is
> great
> for just getting Linux working on a machine. The
> hardware detection is incredible. :)

Sorry to waste a post on just agreeing with someone
who has already agreed with me, but it really is that
good. The hardware detection is incredible, you just
put the disk in, boot and it all works, no config

> > W H Smith usually stock Linux Format, Linux User
> is
> > ok
> > but a bit techy for beginners, stuff like
> streaming
> > audio over IPv6...
> Being completely objective (!!), I would suggest
> Linux
> Format - there is always something interesting and
> usefull to read in there. Linux Magazine is good but
> more technical and Linux User is more enterprise
> based. It is indeed a fiver to grab one of these,
> but
> I think with Linux Format you pretty much get your
> moneys worth. :)

Again, yes. Linux Format is the best Linux magazine
and is worth a fiver. It is even more worth
subscribing to as it's cheaper (3.50ish) if you're
going to get it every month. As Jono says, there is
normally something useful. I have a pile going back 3
years or so and I keep going back to them. The most
recent copy normally stays in my bag for 2 weeks while
I cover everything worthwhile in it.

While we're on the subject, did I ever lend anyone my
coveted issue 1 of Linux Format? I can't find it
anywhere and I'm gutted. It has the 'Join the
Revolution' front page with Tux wearing a Che Guevara
style Cuban communist beret on. Hmm doubt they'd do
that now with all SCO's claims ;) If not I'll have to
ask around elsewhere. There's an article I need
(thereby proving above point), but *it's issue 1* man.

Never mind,




Use Linux. Because it's better.

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