[Wolves] An update

Aquarius wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Sun Aug 31 08:17:01 2003

Helen Randle spoo'd forth:
> Sorry I haven't posted back for a while, I've been trying out Knoppix!!
> I'm getting on ok with it and it's giving me a good idea of what Linux is 
> like. I noticed someone posted that you can install Knoppix on the 
> harddrive, but I'm not sure I could understand how to do that. Can 
> anyone explain it in idiot-proof english??


You might also want to look at Morphix, which is Knoppix but with a
nice clickable GUI installer...
> On a similar theme, is there likely to be any anti-virus/firewall on 
> Knoppix or will I have to download some?

Antivirus software you probably don't need, since there are very few
viruses for Linux, and to be honest real actual viruses are dead these
days anyway. What you get now are email viruses, which won't work on
Linux because the mail clients aren't as dim as Outlook or because
people don't blindly click attachments, and network worms like
MSBlaster. Network worms are stopped by firewalls, which is your next
question: I don't know whether Knoppix comes with a decent firewall
configuration thing built in. If not, there are plenty in the Debian
archive: fwbuilder is apparently not too bad, and can be installed with
apt once you've installed Knoppix. I'll defer to almost anyone else in
talking about firewall software, though; I have a separate machine
being my firewall, which is obviously impractical unless you've got a
home network like me.
> There's loads of software on the CD. What are the best programmes to 
> use? Openoffice looks the obvious wordproccesing one, but what about 
> webbrowser and email? Also, what do I use to open midi files? (as it 
> doesn't seem to default to anything)

Web browser: use Mozilla Firebird. (apt-get install mozilla-firebird
once Knoppix is installed.) It's lean but renders everything very well.
Mail client: there are a vast number of these, and you'd be best to
choose one yourself. I'd suggest KMail initially, and then branch out
if you find KMail lacking in some way.

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