[Wolves] An update

Adam Sweet wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Sun Aug 31 13:45:01 2003

 --- Aquarius <aquarius-lists@kryogenix.org> wrote: >
Helen Randle spoo'd forth:
> > Sorry I haven't posted back for a while, I've been
> trying out Knoppix!!
> > 
> > I'm getting on ok with it and it's giving me a
> good idea of what Linux is 
> > like. I noticed someone posted that you can
> install Knoppix on the 
> > harddrive, but I'm not sure I could understand how
> to do that. Can 
> > anyone explain it in idiot-proof english??
> http://www.phpcad.com/knoppix-install.html
> You might also want to look at Morphix, which is
> Knoppix but with a
> nice clickable GUI installer...

On my machine, ctrl-alt-f1 hung the x-server and
didn't give me a command prompt so I rebooted and ran
the knx-hdinstall script from within a Konsole window
(as su) and got a graphical installation, buttons and
etc. The partitioning tool was still a command line
tool though, fdisk or cfdisk I can't remember and was
pretty horrible even though I know what I'm doing. I
would recomend using something like the mandrake
partitioningtool in advance to set up your partitions.

Another thing I noticed is that the script dumps
everything except swap on one partition no matter how
many partitions you have, so after a fateful attempt I
had to go back and make one big partition and one for
swap. I will worry about sorting this out later as I
prefer /usr /home and /var on different partitions.

Overall though I'm very happy with it. I do have an
issue with sound which I will post in another thread.




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