[Wolves] Email help

Old Dan dan at dannyboy.dnsalias.org
Fri Apr 16 09:21:40 BST 2004


> Right, I need to sort my email situation out and this
> is what I want to do:
>  - Email from *@jonobacon.org gets forwarded to an ISP
> email address (I do this with Zoneedit).
>  - My server will regularly poll the ISP for new email
> and download this email to my server.

Squirrelmail does this.  You can configure it to fetch POP3 email when you
log in.

>  - Downloaded mail should be able to have filters
> applied to it to store it in different mail folders
> and have spam weeded out.

It does this too.  It has a bayesian spam filter plugin and some spamcop
stuff also.

>  - I then want to be able to use a number of different
> mail clients to access my mail and mail folders. This
> will include Evolution, KMail, <some kind of decent
> email program for Windows> and <some kind of webmail>.
> I need to access my mail across OS's and when I am out
> of the house.

For evolution and KMail and whatnot you could set up an IMAP account (used
by Squirrelmail anyway) and it /should/ just work - although the mail
filters you have set up in squirrelmail will not, obviously since you are
not firing up squirrelmail.  I haven't set up proper server-side filtering
(as in not through squirrelmail) so wouldn't know about that.

Although it has to be said I never use anything but squirrelmail anymore
except for newsgroups - even locally it seems to be faster than IMAP
through an email client.

> Hoe can I do this in a way that is easy to set up? I
> know practically nothing about email so please be
> detailed. :)

Um, install uw-imapd (which uses standard mboxes), install squirrelmail
and run squirrelmail-configure to configure it.  That should get you
everything except the bayesian spam filter which is a plugin download and
needs a database.



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