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Peter Cannon peter at cannon-linux.freeserve.co.uk
Mon Aug 16 09:43:46 BST 2004

On Sunday 15 Aug 2004 23:55, The wise and knowledgeable Philip Moore 

Hi Philip

> Is it worth persuing Slackware?

I don't know if its worth it or not but after two weeks I have finally managed 
to get Slackware 8.1 with X from 7.0 to work on a P133 40MB 3.5GB HDD Digital 
HiNote laptop (no CD-Rom) for me the benefit is it runs very well on a 
minimum of 16MB however it is very spartan and so may only be of use for 
simple stuff.

I followed install instructions off the Web but the guy who wrote it must have 
done some slightly different option selections to the ones given as the 
display is about four times bigger than the screen so I have to use the 
pointer to bring things into the display area.

Loading everything was very easy but GUI would not work how I fixed it was to 
manually create /fonts then /Speedo /Type1 /misc /100dpi /75dpi re-install X 
then do /usr/X11R6/bin/X11/xf86config this allowed me to run through the 
config program and after thinking about it up came a graphical desktop 
"whoopee" I intend to use it for learning Bash so it wont matter if I knacker 
it by putting in the wrong command.

This probably doesn't answer your question but I saw the subject line and 
couldn't resist.



Peter Cannon

peter at cannon-linux.freeserve.co.uk

"There is every excuse for not knowing!"
"But there is no excuse for not asking!"

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