[Wolves] List Stats

sparkes sparkes at westmids.biz
Mon Aug 23 18:03:20 BST 2004

Sean Spencer wrote:

>My sincere apologies for the cockup this morning. I completely forgot about 
>the wolves lug list as I had blocked messages going to a couple of other 
>lists I had.
>The message was going direct from my mail server rather than a client.
>Once again, I apologise.
lol, it happens to everyone once, just once ;-)  The embarrasment 
normally keeps it to a single error.

>As for the flame comments about me being not much of an i.t. Manager,  I 
>find that quite hilarious to be honest.
Not exactly flames just comments on your obvious ability to maintain 
your own email.

Well not only did you make this error you then top posted your reply ;-) 
not exactly showing us your leet skills there Sean.  More importantly 
the out of office message itself was useless as Jamie was also out of 
the office today and nobody at NOW has the experience to fix this 
problem apart from the two of you.  I know who I won't be using for 
recruitment ;-)  and your commercial director seemed to take it 
seriously as well.

Exactly what sort of IT manager do you expect to be seen as when you 
make errors like this on a day when you and the other IT staff member 
are out of the office.  What kind of gaffer tape holds the network 
together on your other days off?

>Kick me off the list too ? Oh dear. If you guys feel that is needed, then 
>go for it. It was an oversight - not a crime.
take a look at this


your oversight sent more than 100 emails to the list in an hour.  It was 
replying to it's own out of office messages.  That was one hell of an 
oversight and I would be sending a bug report to the script writer 
unless it was another of your administration errors that led to this.

While your apology is sincere you don't seem to understand just what it 
means to the users of this list on dial up connections.  If those users 
see your oversight as an intrusion on their enjoyment of this list it 
may just be a crime.

Nobody kicks anyone off this list, but if your messages had continued 
then something would have needed to be done for the good of the list.  I 
can see your embarrasment from here but talking about flames on your 
ability after this gaff is a little rich.


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