[Wolves] Re: GRAMPS software

Tim Humpherson tim.humpherson at gmail.com
Sat Dec 25 20:51:41 GMT 2004

HI all.


And now, I have JUST installed FC3 on my spare HDD and it worked with
no problems.  However, when I tried to install "GRAMPS", the
Gnome-based Genealogy software, FC3 has installed it without any
problems, and when I clicked "Applications > Accessories >" and there
it is, listed "GRAMPS Genealogy Systems".  ** BUT ** when I clicked
it, an hour glass (mouse pointer) appeared for about 15 seconds,
together with the "GRAMPS" message on the bottom task bar.  Then it
disappeared.  As if the program has exited itself without anything
appearing on screen, such as "Welcome" screen?

This is my first attempt to install a software using RPM system.  So,
can anyone shed some ideas on where did I go wrong?

Your advice, please?

Thank you.

Kind regards and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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