[Wolves] Multiple ethernet devices under Debian testing

Adam Sweet drinky76 at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 29 21:50:07 GMT 2004

Hi all

I added an extra network card to my project machine. I
added the correct information to
/etc/network/interfaces and added the relevent module
to /etc/modules.

The cards are different (Intel and 3Com) and I can
ping the new interface (eth1) from another machine
connected to it via an xover cable.

My problem is this:

I can't use ifup or ifdown and eth1 is not recorded in
/etc/network/ifstate. I don't really need to
explicitly, I'm just using them as diagnostics.
Something is obviously missing, what have I not
configured? Do I have to manually edit some script or

Any help grovellingly received as always :)




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