[Wolves] Blogs and CMSs

Stuart Langridge sil at kryogenix.org
Thu Dec 30 09:24:47 GMT 2004

Adam Sweet wrote:
> I'm thinking of using Mambo and either Wordpress or
> Nucleus. I have a working Wordpress as a test but I
> think it's ugly, Nucleus is nicer looking.
> Does anyone have any reasons why I should or shouldn't
> go with any of the above? Are there any serious
> security implications I should consider?

How these things look is pretty malleable. Obviously, to do that design 
work you need the web skills, but there are also plenty of downloadable 
drop-in themes for Wordpress that might more suit you: take a look at 
and Google for "wordpress themes".

I'd recommend WP, myself...

> Finally, what would I have to do to provide a feed for
> Planet Wolves?

Once you've set up your weblog, it will almost certainly already provide 
an RSS feed (which is a reformulation of your recent posts in a standard 
XML dialect, although I suspect you already know this). Just tell me 
where it is and I'll add you to PW.


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