[Wolves] ADSL or cable broadband?

Matt Warwick aozc15 at dsl.pipex.com
Sun Feb 1 18:06:16 GMT 2004


My Experience with Ethernet Modems is that they handle all the login stuff
internally and are OS independent. Plus, lots of Phone Exchanges have been
converted to PPPoE now so your Ethernet modem might now work.

Best place to check which modems handle the login would be the forums at


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Matt Warwick said:

> You can always get a simple ADSL Ethernet modem or a Router, so you can
> plug it straight into your NIC like you would with blueyonder, for
> example:

Well, the ADSL modem I have is an Ethernet modem. From what I could tell,
the trouble came because UK DSL runs off PPoATM and my modem runs off
PPoE. So, the company who sells them in the UK wrote a Windows driver to
cope with that. The company said it should work out of the box with any
modern Linux distro, but it certainly didn't work with SuSe 8.2.

Am I wrong in saying that any Ethernet ADSL modem will still need some
form of driver under Linux or Windows? Or do some Ethernet ADSL modems
handle the log-in stuff internally?

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