[Wolves] ADSL or cable broadband?

Old Dan dan at dannyboy.dnsalias.org
Mon Feb 2 11:00:45 GMT 2004

Matthew Revell wrote:
> Old Dan wrote:
>> Aquarius wrote:
>>> Matthew Revell spoo'd forth:
>>>> Right, I should  have moved into my new house by the end of next 
>>>> month, so
>>>> it's time I chose: ADSL or Blueyonder.
>>> When I went cable, I did so for two reasons: so I could get cable
>>> telly and phones too, and because ADSL was more expensive and less
>>> well supported. These days, the second reason has pretty much gone
>>> away, and there are fewer restrictions -- ADSL providers tend to let
>>> you run servers on your end and so on without bitching as much, that
>>> sort of thing. Given the choice, I think I'd probably go ADSL.
>> Hear hear.
>> But then I'm with ADSL myself so I'm probably biased... :)
> Damn, why can't everyone make it easy for me, by saying the same thing? :)

Ah, what a boring world it would be... :)

>> But I've found that running a HTTP server on blueyonder tends to get 
>> your IP changed, or (worse) the port blocked.  Quickly.  No I *wasn't* 
>> running an open relay, before anyone asks... ;)
> Well, that's not an issue for me, I won't be running any public facing 
> servers on the machines I'll be using with the connection. Cheers for 
> the tip, tho'.
Right, so in that case it probably won't make all that much difference. 
    What I have found though is that for straight dragster-style 
download speed BY(at even the slowest non-dialup speed) is actually 
faster(but only a little) but in terms of latency (as in speed to find 
sites/whatever) ADSL is /much/ faster.

Other people's mileage may vary on that, though.  It is merely my 
personal (probably quite limited) experience.  I'm just looking forward 
to ADSL 1Mb.  Mmmmm.....  :)

>> If you're sensible and run smoothwall on an old-ish box directly 
>> facing the internet, ADSL with frogmodem /will/ work out-of-the-box.  
>> You just have to make sure to d/l the (small) binary driver first.
> I've already got my own hardware, for ADSL. I may have to rethink, tho', 
> and buy a combined ADSL router/modem/wireless unit. Really, I want 
> something that handles all the log in and then just gives me a pure 
> ethernet connection to put into the rest of the network.
Smoothwall will do /precisely/ that.  Really.  You'd have to get a 
router for BY anyway, if you think about it.

...and smoothie would be cheaper as you'd just have to get hold of an 
old machine from somewhere (I hear what would have been Angel 2 is 
available ATM :) )

You /can/ register more than one MAC with BY but only one can access the 
internet at a time (at least with the connection I used - back when I 
was living with $FOLKS, and I've also tried it more recently on a 
machine owned by a friend of mine)


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