[Wolves] Small Linuxes

Aquarius aquarius-lists at kryogenix.org
Mon Jan 19 07:58:45 GMT 2004

sparkes spoo'd forth:
> My original point was knoppix and other 'desktop' livecd's are not
> suited to a 486 machine.  
> I agree that DSL and other lightweight distro's are suited to the lappy
> in question and this would provide an easy way to get the system up and
> running using whatever suggestion is taken on board, but they ain't
> knoppix whatever their parentage ;-)

OK. The difference here is, I think, that I read "knoppix" as meaning
"knoppix-based distributions, as opposed to RedHat and Debian and SuSE", and
you read it as being "knoppix, and nothing else". :)

We both recommend Damn Small Linux, so have a crack at that. :)


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