[Wolves] BBC Strike Again

Jon Farmer jonfarmer at enta.net
Tue Mar 30 09:18:19 BST 2004

David Goodwin wrote:

> Err.. I thought this was one of Linux's "Selling Points" - by using it 
> you save money (lower development costs etc as the community has done a 
> lot of work already) and you gain an open platform you are free to make 
> changes to. Therefore, what's wrong with what the BBC said?

Adam kinda got the point I was trying to make. If someone asked me to 
advocate Linux the fact it was available for free would be way down the 
list. It is a superb OS and thats why I use it and I would continue to 
do so even if I had to pay for it.

What I object to in the BBC report is that in my mind the inference to 
Linux being used to keep the costs down would make many people feel this 
was a inferior product to say a Windows CE device.

Then again maybe I am 'the glass is half empty' type of person :-)



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