[Wolves] introduction + question

Jono Bacon jono at jonobacon.org
Sat May 29 12:08:23 BST 2004

Hi Chris!

> right, i've been a ghost on this mailing list for a little too long now, so
> i've decided to at least try and join in a little if no-one minds,

Of course not. Great to hear more about you. :)


> last time i used linux it was mandrake for a couple of years, but now i want
> a challange. i was thinking debian, but i don't know if it would have any
> trouble with my Nforce 2 motherboard (in fact tho' if it does it would be
> more fun).

IF you want the most flexible distro and want a challenge, use Debian.
IT is by far the best distro if you know a bit about Linux, and if you
get stuck you can always post to this list. As for the NForce 2, NVidia
do official binary drivers for their graphics cards, so you should be
fine. This will get you up and running. If you are determined to have
completely free, open source drivers, you may need to hunt around a

Keep us updated how you get on.


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