[Wolves] Promoting Linux

Kevan kevanf1 at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Oct 2 17:53:32 BST 2004

 --- Simon Burke <simon.burke at gmail.com> wrote: 

> There is still a linux server running on the staff
> network, no-one
> uses it though. also their pop3 server is
> linux/unix. I often work
> closely with them at the science park (as most of
> the IT equip and
> soft is from the uni). Yeah they seem to love using
> windoze for most
> things but at least they are not completly windows,
> which is a good
> thing really.
>  Also i've managed to get a few directors and a
> couple of people at IT
> services  to take a proper look at it again  All
> currently have
> morphix gnome discs curtesy of me.
>  Hopefully it the future we may see a slow take
> over.

Good luck with Steve K then ;-))))  Max would probably
be amenable as could Cecil.  Frank Jones - Telford
Campus and Learning Resources now anyway - is
vehemently anti Linux.  No real idea why though. 
Shame really as he is a decent guy apart from that :-)


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