[Wolves] Linux Display

Ade adrian.bradshaw at gmail.com
Fri Mar 4 18:30:11 GMT 2005

> One mans Spam is another mans advertising I had a guy ring Monday to say your

I *really* dont think so, but I hate them both with a passion anyway.
Advertinsing is anoying enough (and I packed my TV away, 6 months ago,
because of it) but unsolicited email is just unspeakable evil.

I personally cant wait until we get some kind of "can spam act" here
and we can sue these "people" for every penny they have ever made.

I have vowed to *never* buy something from a spam email, doing so just
perpetuates the problem.

Advertising and spam are the two biggest things that are ruining the
internet. I just cant believe how many adverts I see, on web pages of
other peoples machines. (It apears that most people dont "wash" their
web pages before displaying them).

It seems that human greed is about to destroy something that could
have brought everyone so much benefit (the internet). Its such a
shame, the people resonsible should hang their heads in shame - they
wont though because they have none.


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