[Wolves] Suse 9.3

Jayne Heger jayneheger at gmail.com
Fri Mar 25 23:15:41 GMT 2005

> How many of us run dual boot machines? its not a sin or a crime to be honest
> I'm thinking of ditching the hard drive setup I have and running Linux purely
> under VMware, thats only because I have the Windows version if I had the
> Linux version it would be the other way round.
> The beauty is of course I can run both together so I just flip from one to the
> other to meet my needs rather than a reboot.

I miss my VMware, *sob*, I had a Linux version though, it was the
Express version which suited my needs at the time to run Win98 under
it, and it worked beautifully until I upgraded my SuSE to version 8,
(I'm now Version 9),  trying to configure it to work on version 8 =>
was a pain, in  the end I just gave up as there's no support for it
anymore anyway.
In any case now on my dual boot I run Windows 2000 professional so
Vmware Express wouldn't suit my needs now, and I need Windows 2000 for
SQL Server and such like.
When I get round to it I'll buy another copy of Vmware as I was very
impressed with it.

I'd still keep my native Windows 2000 partition, for games! :-)


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