[Wolves] Making signed key public

David Goodwin dg at clocksoft.com
Fri Oct 21 11:45:40 BST 2005

roundyz wrote:
> Whenever most people's e-mails are signed they come up with a yellow colour 
> saying the validly of the key cannot be verified. This means my messages are 
> like that too on other peoples machines when they get my signed mail.
> How do I make my key public so that people can verify it?
> I was hoping to put it on my website with a link in my Sig. 
> Is it simple text file with the code in renamed to a .key file or am I far 
> from the mark?

Peter had "training" on how to do / use gpg some time ago; if you're 
eager browse the archives of the list.

Alternatively, google for gpg keyserver.


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