[Wolves] Sharpen Your Pencils

Peter Evans zen8486 at zen.co.uk
Fri Sep 23 13:00:49 BST 2005

A little while ago someone mentioned that there was a web site that 'named and 
shamed' those theoretically public service companies that produced web sites 
that didn't work with anything but IE.

If someone could drop a line to the list to remind us what it was I'd 
appreciate it.  Meantime you could all do worse than to drop National Rail a 
note regarding their new web site - all pretty and re-designed, only now it 
won't work with either Firefox or Konqueror on my Linux box and doesn't want 
to play with Firefox on my XP machine either.  So being stuck I used IE and 
the page throws up syntax errors after every operation, but does admittedly 
return the results (hurrah?).

I  can't check Opera or any Mac browsers, so there's something for someone 
else to try, if they've a mind to.

Perhaps if we all drop them a friendly note they might just do something about 
it.  The irony is their old site worked just fine!

Pete Evans

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