[Wolves] RE: University of Wolverhampton

Riddian riddian at gmail.com
Tue Dec 12 14:43:20 GMT 2006

@James Dalley,
Yes I do indeed go the same university as you, it just sounds like we
have had different experiences regarding Linux, I'm glad yours was a
more positive one. Perhaps you are not taking the same modules as I
but only one module I have done so far had a Linux slant and that was
as you have mentioned "Operating Systems and Networks" perhaps that
lesson is more than a 50% slant? However all I recall doing was
working in Linux for a few lessons and having discussion with my
lecturer who found it funny/shocking that I actually used Linux full
time at home.

Good point about the dual booting, though the SuSE set up does have
problems from experience, I would just like to add that not all
programming is Java, the C module has an annoying habit of including
"stdfx.h" in it's code examples, this is a small problem of course and
if fixed easily but for the student who is new to C and who has
decided to try Linux, finding Linux doesn't have "stdfx.h" could be a
little off-putting perhaps? Besides there is no reason why "stdio.h"
could not be adopted, I have been using it for all the code I have
written so far and we have not touched on any functions specific to
"stdfx.h". I did speak to the lecture about it and suggested it would
nice to use "stdio.h", he didn't quite grasp my point and said the
only reason he used it was because Visual Studio put it there by

Regarding the HTML/PHP modules, for the HTML module, I was having
difficulty with permissions and the Windows server, the Linux server
worked like a charm, however when enquiring about using it I was
advised against it, apparently had the Linux server gone down so my
work could not be marked on the day, I would have been responsible for
it, not sure why. The PHP modules required the use of this very same
server however.

Perhaps I came across to negatively in my initial post? I was
intending to highlight the issues I felt were a problem but yes there
is indeed Linux support I just feel it could be better and the
majority of lecturers have a slight adversity towards it. Again
though, this is just my opinion based on my experiences.

@ James Turner,
Yes, that is exactly the problem, sorry I could not give a more
detailed description as I wrote the email from home and could not
remember any error messages of the top of my head. I take it you have
encountered this problem before?

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