[Wolves] Help get me out the pooh!

Peter Cannon peter at cannon-linux.co.uk
Tue Jul 18 21:03:37 BST 2006

On Tuesday 18 July 2006 20:07, Alan Pope wrote:

> First blindingly obvious one: Can you restore it from a backup?

Not really as its now all totally upgraded from 4-->5 it looks like all the 
relevant files are there tho.

> Ruby is a programming language like perl or python. Rails is a framework
> that makes developing Ruby applications easy. So the box will have ruby
> installed on it, and will likely have some files in the apache home
> directory which ruby will execute or apache will pass to ruby when users
> visit the pages.

basically in /var/www/html there are two folders that appear to be the main 
beasts yet theres no index.html that points to those folders.

> So in a nutshell you need apache to work - which basically it does, because
> you're getting the test page. You also need to pick out the bits of apache
> config pertaining to ruby and put them in the new config file.
> What version of apache did it go from and to?
> If from 1.x to 2.x then there's some major differences between them.
> > bloody thing refuses to run the Apache test page is there instead for
> > some reason there is an error message saying;
> > "Unable to fully qualify domain name using instead"
> You can live with that. It's not the cause of your problems, it just means
> the ServerName directive in the apache config file is not set correctly.

OK (Crap I was hoping it was that)

> \o/ That's good news! Network and apache basically work.

> "I can't be arsed to learn about the problem , it just want it to work"

Yes, I know, I hate that sort of attitude as well but I'm really up shit 

> Unfortunately you *need* to know at least the basics of what's on a box
> before you go doing a mass upgrade.

Yes, you may beat me with an Ubuntu disk at LugRadio live.

> Think yourself lucky you weren't made to stay until you got it done. :)

Fortunately I know the IT manager but not the Chairman who I met. :-S

> Check the ruby package got upgraded okay. Make sure the data (web site -
> database etc) is all safe too.
> Might be prudent to do a backup before you frig around with it any more,
> given you've got another day at it. Maybe take a usb disk with you and
> backup to that first?

Ah thats part two, fit a DAT drive (already done but not configured yet)

> Will you have web access to the list during tomorrow? You could join
> #lugradio and ask for help during the day there?

Yes I will I'll speak to you tomorrow.

Many thanks

Peter Cannon
"There is every excuse for not knowing
there is no excuse for not asking"

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