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Kevanf1 kevanf1 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 5 21:49:29 GMT 2006

Mat.  The Learning Centre(s) used to allow room sto be booked out.
Ok, this would have to tie in with opeing hours - unless they have
finally gone 24 hours?  But if there is only a small number of people
attending a LUG meeting one of those would be ideal.  If I remember
rightly we used to loan out equipment too on a free basis to students
and staff - again, unless this has changed.  At this point you might
gather that I used to work in both Wolverhampton Campus LC and also
Telford (Priorslee) Campus.  This simple act of booking a room might
be useful for more technical talks in the future.  It would, of
course, mean LUG members signing in to the LC as a visitor but that's
no hardship.

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