[Wolves] Coder breaking

Jen Phillips jetlaglug at googlemail.com
Mon Nov 27 15:59:01 GMT 2006

On 27/11/06, Stuart Langridge <sil at kryogenix.org> wrote:

> I thought of that :)

Thought you might have. And now you know what it's called :-)

I'm similarly stumped on how to split the string into characters :-/

There are 46 digits, so if each character block is the same number of
digits, we're looking at blocks of 1, 2 or 23. 1 would only allow for
10 different characters, presumably the first 10 of the alphabet or
something, which is possible but seems unlikely. As Aq pointed out, 2
gives a very wide range of numbers, which again doesn't seem likely.
Blocks of 23 would only give 2 characters, which isn't enough to work
with. So it seems that either it's an incomplete string or the
character blocks are of variable length, which makes it really awkward
to figure out. I suppose it's possible that we're looking at blocks of
4 with 2 digits at one end or other that aren't part of the main



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