[Wolves] the wifi in the sky idea

leo sandhu leosandhu at gmail.com
Sat Oct 21 02:53:01 BST 2006

Me think tis time for a new thread on this issue.

> > If you could pic up the uni wireless net from there, and you guys gave
> > me the mac address, we could leech that I suppose. I mean I'm a student
> > there, so I suppose it would be fine.
> >

My experience is that the flats above shops on Stafford St can leech the
signal if equipment is placed at the front window and pointed directly
toward the  Harrison Learning Centre.  The Uni network uses 360degree
antennae which give a weaker signal and anyway contention rates can cause
downtime.  Not ideal I'm afraid.

Oh and also, don't forget the strict terms of usage  the uni adopt.  I would
hate to see your right to  roam jeapordised by powers that be....

Don't let Max know :-) or the bearded wonder (sorry, he made such an
> impression on me with his bullying tactics I forget his name).  I
> refer to the big bear of a bloke with the Eastern European sounding
> surname.  Steve something?

**cough** is that a subtle way of suggesting I am throwing weight before
tact?  I apologise if so, just trying to get my way is all ;)

Are there no luggers or "listmates" who either work at Uni or some other
City Centre office that could be coerced into helping out on this?  If
anyone happens to have a mate who works in the Mander Tower, we would be
laughing as I could simpy arrange a relay from any given point this side of
brum :D

Before anyone asks, my guestimate on cost would be around £500.  I would
suggest using Soekris boards as they can be mounted easily to an external
antennae mast and therefore signal quality greatly improved....  We would
need three decent wifi cards and if soekris used, a couple of memory cards
for a read-only BSD install.
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