[Wolves] Fifteen geek movies to see before you die

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On 12/02/07, stephen welch <stephenwelch at hotmail.com> wrote:
> I could feel myself slowly sliding off my chair until I got to Blade Runner.
> I'm not into horror, love, or funny geek - just science fiction geek.  One
> glaring ommission must be Videodrome - Science fiction at it's weirdest
> topped with the cream of Deborah Harry!!  What about Max Headroom?  Sort of
> tele film though.
> >From my point of view most of the good Science Fiction films have deep
> philosophical meanings / arguments under pinning a crust of hi-tech stuff.
> If you fancy a good read try The Philosopher At The End Of The Universe -
> Mark Rowlands.  It paints an interesting picture of philosophy through
> science fiction.

If we are talking philosophy and sci fi then 'The Day The Earth Stood
Still' has to be number one.  That is an all time classic on the fears
and bigotry of mankind.  Wonderful film.  Probably not really 'geeky'

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