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>I have a really bizzare hardware problem.

>for no apparent reason the machine seems to go into 
>sleep mode (monitor sleeps, and machine has to be physically powered

Seems to me that the problem is with the hardware and more specifically
to do with the power supply unit (PSU).  A surprisingly high percentage
of problems are power supply related even though symptoms may be
sporadic/seem unrelated.  It's possible to check the power is within
certain tolerances using a multimeter and new PSU's are fairly cheap
(but a bit fiddly to replace) so it's always a good idea to try this
before spending large amounts of dosh on processors or motherboards
(probably uneconomical if it's old kit, anyway).  However, you do need
to know what you are doing and take precautions (with mains power &
anti-static) before testing or replacing PSU's - I assume you do since
you've already replaced the hard drive/tidied cables.

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