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Kris Douglas kris at softdel.co.uk
Mon Nov 5 00:26:07 GMT 2007

On 04/11/2007, Adam Sweet <drinky76 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> See:
> http://www.adamsweet.org/misc/giveaway.jpg
> for a photo of the stuff which has to go within the
> next 2 weeks.
> Visible is one of the 2 servers to be collected by
> Kris (they have a stay of execution so we can
> rearrange collection Kris). The HP LJ printer has been
> claimed, as have the 4 cheap 1u servers, they were
> spare or repair only anyway.
> Also in there are:
> 3 office fans
> 19" CRT monitor
> A bunch of 8 way KVMs
> An HP Deskjet 940c printer without cables (can't see
> this so not sure if it went)
> A big SCSI RAID cabinet with high availability RAID
> controller, redundant PSU and spare redundant PSU
> Pile of misc SCSI hard disks
> A pile of standard PS/2 keyboards
> A couple of wireless mice with PS/2 base stations
> A few desktop PCs, 550MHz or less
> A bunch of DDS2 and DDS3 SCSI tape drives
> 3 x laptops, doubt any are above 200MHz
> Loads of misc network gateways (some are Vigor 2200),
> H.323 VoIP gateways, USB hubs and other stuff
> A desktop sized photo copier
> An old fax machine
> A few SCSI DVD RAM drives and some DVD RAM disks
> 1 x 1u server, 750MHz or so, didn't work properly for
> me, maybe needs new CMOS or something
> A few floppy and CR-ROM drives
> Roll of SCSI cable
> Wireless keyboard and mouse
> A few empty DVD cases
> A pile of unused Pentium 4 heatsinks and fans
> A SCSI CDROM jukebox, something like 6 drives which
> take 4 disks each
> 2 x 16 port HP 10Mb hubs
> Probably other stuff which I can't see or have
> forgotten about.
> Not visible are:
> 1 x half height grey server rack
> 1 x half height IBM server rack with glass door.
> 1 or 2 pairs of random server rails
> I'll revise the list with anything which I have
> forgotten.
> This stuff needs to be collected from Wellington in
> Telford, with smaller collections possible from my
> house or a LUG meeting if I happen to visit the office
> between now and then. This all has to go in the next 2
> weeks or it will be disposed of.
> First come first served, you can take as much as you
> want. Collections from the office will need to take
> place in early evening, preferably on Monday or
> Tuesdays around 17:30-18:30. I can make other visits,
> but I'd appreciate it if people could co-ordinate
> their visits so I don't have to sit there for hours
> night after night.
> Help yourselves please :)
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Holy mackerel, you weren't joking. Should be coming over on Monday, any time
specification (afternoon)?

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