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Ron Wellsted ron at wellsted.org.uk
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On Tue, Jul 22, 2008 at 11:36:31AM +0100, dick_turpin wrote:
> Ron Wellsted wrote:
> [Drastically cut]
> >I found the results of all this very disappointing, reinforcing my
> >cynical view that the media are only interested in bad news.
> >  
> Ron, a billion apologies if you thought I was degrading your or anyone 
> else's efforts, that was definitely *NOT* the case, as I said I've seen 
> on the BBC website your item regarding LrL that you gave them.
> I understand that its very difficult to do *everything* something must 
> suffer if you're concentrating on getting speakers ect. I was just 
> throwing some ideas into the pot.
> I'll get me coat. :-(

Pete, I dd not take your comments as anything other than being very
constructive comments for next year, I was just trying to show that
there was some effort put into promotion.

We really do need someone with the right skills to handle this area
for next year as it was not given as much attention as should have
had.  In order for LRL to continue, we do need to expand the audience.
If we want to keep the entrance fee down, we also need to find
sponsors.  The total cost of the event was mostly met by sponsors,
otherwise the cost per head would have been much, much higher.

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