[Wolves] Is Internet Explorer 8 really so troublesome?

Chris Ellis chris.ellis.intrbiz at googlemail.com
Sun Feb 22 21:36:39 UTC 2009

Yes, that tends to be the best approach, use standards then hack to get IE
to work.

There are various hacks for IE, conditional comments are handy, but there
are alot of javascript, css and html hacks used too.

Currently I'm favoring server side detection, so I detect the browser via
the useragent string and generate the appropriate html/css/js to work best
in the browser.
Using common html/css/js for standards browsers and then generate modified
html/css/js for IE.

IE8 tends to render similar to FF/Opera/Webkit, they have some small
differences,  however FF/Opera/Webkit now have alot of support for CSS3
(adds rounded corners,etc) IE8 only handles CSS2.1.
This means alot of sites are now using CSS3 features which work is most
non-IE browsers.  People tend to make a degrading site, so when viewed in
FF3/Opera/Webkit it will use the CSS3 features and an IE it wont.  Its a
shame really that now IE8 is lagging a long way behind the rest of the pack,
however IE8 is certainly a vast improvement as far as I'm concerned.

I still see a major issue as being supporting IE6/7 and I'm not some worried
about IE8 as 90% of code for FF/Opera/Webkit works.

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