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Hi everyone, I'm posting this around a few places at the moment, so
hope nobody minds me posting here. It's already gone to linuxjobs so
apologies if you get it more than once through different lists. Please
feel free to forward it on to any appropriate mailing lists or people
you think might be interested.

My company, Transitiv Technologies are an Open Source consultancy who
specialise in network monitoring. We are looking for network
monitoring experts to increase our capacity for a busy upcoming year.

A lot of our work is with Nagios, Cacti, SNMP, Perl etc, so expertise
in Nagios and at least familiarity with the others is essential.
Familiarity with the Nagios eco-system and complementary tools
(NagVis, Merlin, Ninja, Livestatus, PNP4Nagios, RRDtool etc),
knowledge of how to write performant Nagios plugins (preferably in
Perl or C) and experience with monitoring Windows, Unix and Cisco
equipment are beneficial.

Skills in other Open Source applications, graphing packages,
programming languages, HA, load-balancing, virtualisation, SMTP,
Apache, Nginx, VPNs, networking hardware and version control are also

Initially we're looking for reliable, professional people on an ad-hoc
basis, but this will develop into a more formal arrangement as
workloads increase and may move towards employment. We're looking for
people who already have Nagios expertise, rather than people who will
need to learn on the job.

Hourly and daily rates are negotiable depending upon level of
experience but start at around £35 per hour. There's no necessity to
be near the Midlands or London but we would at least like to meet you
to discuss and preferably see what you've done in the past.

Enquiries by email to careers at transitiv.co.uk



Adam Sweet
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