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Peter Cannon dick_turpin at archlinux.us
Mon May 21 13:40:41 UTC 2018

On 21/05/18 14:00, Richard Barker via Wolves wrote:
> This is something I'd like some help clarifying. I've had emails from some
> web sites I use essentially saying "if you don't respond, will assume
> consent". I thought that wasn't good enough under GDPR, and you had to seek
> active consent?

That's not acceptable. I've seen lots doing that too and they are not compliant. It used to be that consent was inferred by the very fact you had (for example) the email address and the recipient had not unsubscribed "It must be OK, if they weren't happy they'd leave?" Actually, it's spammers that this legislation is aimed at. Don't fall for the cobblers that's going around that this is all to do with Facebook et al. This legislation has been in the pipeline for a good few years.

I use PHPList here at work and the approach is both dangerous but effective. I sent out a campaign that 'unconfirmed' every one, the mailshot had the now familiar "Opt-In" choice which basically re-confirms recipients. This is good because you can demonstrate that you have adhered to the GDPR but it's bad for the likes of me as I suspect hundreds if not thousands have been inundated with these requests and now cannot be arsed to respond.

If you're running a site with members (Like Wolves Lug) you could do worse than spend half an hour looking through this. https://baekdal.com/thoughts/inside-story-what-i-did-to-get-gdpr-compliant/

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