[Wolves] Linux Academy free courses

Adam Sweet adamsweet at gmail.com
Thu Apr 11 11:53:26 UTC 2019

Hi everyone

For the first time in maybe 10 years I've been listening to a lot of
podcasts recently (Bad Voltage, Late Night Linux, Ubuntu Podcast and
various from Jupiter Broadcasting). Some of you may remember the Linux
Action Show, which was a bit too American for most Brits. They started
some other podcasts and founded Jupiter Broadcasting as a parent
organisation around the time I stopped listening.

At some point in the ten or so years since I last paid attention, one of
the guys went his own way and left the other to manage Jupiter
Broadcasting. Last November or so they announced that Jupiter
Broadcasting had been acquired by Linux Academy and since that time,
have started numerous other podcasts, taken on the very British Joe
Ressington of Late Night Linux (formerly of Linux Luddites) and started
various other initiatives.

One of those initiatives is offering free Linux Academy course content
and this month, those include:

Ansible Quick Start
DevSecOps Essentials
Beginners guide to containers and orchestration
Elastic stack essentials
Powershell Core for Linux admins

Community members also get access to content on:

Linux from Scratch
Regular Expressions
Linux fundamentals
DevOps essentials

Just thought it would be useful to people here since Ansible,
containers, orchestration and LXC/LXD are things I've been meaning to
look at for a while. The full list of free content for April is here:


I don't know if they're still free but this is what was free in March:


Hope that comes in useful to some of you. No I don't work for them or
receive commission :)


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