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Thu Apr 11 13:04:14 UTC 2019


Looking at Ansible right now. Along with Terraform, Jenkins (urg) and

Thanks Adam.

On Thu, 11 Apr 2019, 12:53 Adam Sweet via Wolves, <wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk>

> Hi everyone
> For the first time in maybe 10 years I've been listening to a lot of
> podcasts recently (Bad Voltage, Late Night Linux, Ubuntu Podcast and
> various from Jupiter Broadcasting). Some of you may remember the Linux
> Action Show, which was a bit too American for most Brits. They started
> some other podcasts and founded Jupiter Broadcasting as a parent
> organisation around the time I stopped listening.
> At some point in the ten or so years since I last paid attention, one of
> the guys went his own way and left the other to manage Jupiter
> Broadcasting. Last November or so they announced that Jupiter
> Broadcasting had been acquired by Linux Academy and since that time,
> have started numerous other podcasts, taken on the very British Joe
> Ressington of Late Night Linux (formerly of Linux Luddites) and started
> various other initiatives.
> One of those initiatives is offering free Linux Academy course content
> and this month, those include:
> Ansible Quick Start
> DevSecOps Essentials
> Beginners guide to containers and orchestration
> Elastic stack essentials
> Powershell Core for Linux admins
> Community members also get access to content on:
> Vim
> Jenkins
> Linux from Scratch
> Regular Expressions
> Linux fundamentals
> DevOps essentials
> Just thought it would be useful to people here since Ansible,
> containers, orchestration and LXC/LXD are things I've been meaning to
> look at for a while. The full list of free content for April is here:
> https://linuxacademy.com/blog/linux-academy/freeapril2019/
> I don't know if they're still free but this is what was free in March:
> https://linuxacademy.com/blog/linux-academy/freemarch2019/
> Hope that comes in useful to some of you. No I don't work for them or
> receive commission :)
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