[Wolves] Logging onto a Linux machine from Windows - partly solved by another strange issue.

Mark Ellse mark at ellse.org
Fri Apr 26 23:46:43 UTC 2019

As previously mentioned, I was unable to access a file shared on a Linux

> <breaking up the text for readability>
> > Hi MarkI am no expert on this but sometimes we miss the simple things.
> The username and password for samba shares are not set as a user account,
> and are a special samba user set the password using something like:-sudo
> smbpasswd -a <user-name>Hope this helps Dave
> That's a good point. Try creating the Samba accounts with smbpasswd and
> we can look again if that doesn't solve the issue for you.
> Ad

Thank you Dave and Adam. Yes, it was indeed the smb password not set - as
you say the simplest of things.

BUT now I have another (though this time not fatal) problem. The backup
machine has a folder that I have been using with no problems at all for
over a year. I have been able to access it with my standard "mark" and
"pa%%%wd". But the samba password is not set on that machine. I found that
out by setting up another shared folder and could not get into it...until I
set a samba password.

Why on earth have I been able to get into it before from any machine on my
home network without there being a samba password?


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