[Wolves] The cost of local backup

Mark Ellse mark at ellse.org
Sun Apr 28 00:49:34 UTC 2019

I've just put my server on a power meter. It tells me that my little system
which is running my backup is taking 43W as a steady draw.

43 W x 24 h/day x 356 day/year = 377 kWh/year

My electricity costs 14  p/kWh

Cost is 377 kWh x 14 p/kWh = 5274 p/year = £52.74 /year

That's ignoring any hardware costs.

It's an interesting figure. For £59.99 I can get Office 365 personal with
1TB storage, and the usual Microsoft products.

It's some time since I did these calculations. It makes you realise how
significant are the power costs for any of the local options.


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